reclaimed renovation || letterpress drawer

I received this giantic and awesome antique letterpress drawer as a hand-me-down from my in-laws when they moved to Colorado. I love it and for the longest time had no idea what to do with it. I’ve seen many a Pinterest pin with them standing up against the wall and stuffed with spools of thread – but let’s be real, I don’t sew enough {though I sure wish I did!} to have a wide collection of threads. I buy what I need for one project, use it all, and that’s that.

BUT, I do have glitter! And washi tape. AND, believe it or not {as I realized when I unpacked my sewing stuff}, FOUR spools of thread, all very plain in color, but deserving of a place to reside, nonetheless.:)So, lo and behold… the awesome antique letterpress drawer with not a thing done to it except filling it with pretty things. So crafty, right?

PS. Consider this your first glance into my new artsy space!:)


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