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    I'm Shanna & I am so happy you are here! This Idyllic Life is a creative lifestyle blog. I have a handsome & hardworking husband, and together we share a sweet baby boy, a fluffy dog, and an old blue house. That's who & what I write about. :)

beautiful life || what’s next

Oh, hi. Remember me? It’s been a long time, I know. A REALLY LONG TIME. I’ll say what I always say when I go on a blogging hiatus: life happened. That’s a plausible excuse, yes?

Dave and I have spent countless hours the last few months trying to answer the million dollar question: what should we do with our lives? Believe me, if parenting paid the bills we’d both be thrilled. Neeson is our dream and through slightly unfortunate circumstances, we’ve had the great fortune of spending A LOT of time together, all three of us. Even so, as much as we love parenting and ADORE our little nugget, I think for us both, a deep yearning for another form of fulfillment exists – where from, though, is the tricky part.

You know the saying, “when it rains it pours”? Of course you do. Let’s just say we’ve had our share of *40 days 40 nights* type of rain. Thankfully, no ark necessary. Ark or not, though, our situation is a very personal example of God stripping it all away in order to give us the opportunity to start over.

Finances haven’t been one of our strong suits during the first two years of our marriage, and when December rolled around and we found ourselves suddenly without our primary source of income AND THEN, two weeks later, without 2 of the 3 part time jobs I had, we didn’t have a whole lot to fall back on. Stripped bare, we’ve been humbled and forced to evaluate many things – our spending, our habits, our worth, and our faith. It hasn’t been easy. Armed always with just enough, be that through family, odd jobs, and plain ol’ good timing, but always through the grace of God, we’ve made it through.

The lessons we’ve learned are invaluable, and moving forward we know many things we will do differently to avoid this situation again. Always learning things the hard way, but learning them, nonetheless.

As we enter into uncharted territory, the changes for our little family of three won’t be the easiest, but we are thrilled about the direction we’re going. After feeling stagnant for too long, a sense of hope and excitement is much welcomed.

All that to tell you this: starting next week, you can officially call me Mrs. Breadwinner! As the Wedding and Event Specialist, I’ll be your go-to gal at Colorado Party Rental’s new Colorado Springs location. I could not be more excited! Of course, with my excitement comes a whole host of nerves – the normal ones that come with starting any new job and the mama ones that come with unexpectedly needing to leave your baby to provide for your family. The two things that make this bearable?

1. I am sincerely thrilled about this job! Like, THRILLED. I’m trying to refrain from using too many exclamation points in case my new boss reads this. I don’t want him to think I’m nuts. 😀

2. Neeson will be incredibly well taken care of and loved each day, at our home, by none other than daddy Dave. I am so thankful.

As we move forward with our new routines, we hope to also find the means for Dave to begin marketing his new video company and for me to finally be able to launch a little dream I’ve had for some time now, called Hey Neeson. Big and exciting ideas are floating all around here, and we pray to have the resources to make them a reality for us.

Those who know me know that I’m not the type to ask for anything. I’m independent and stubborn, but mostly never want to burden or cause worry for anyone I love. Through this, though, I’ve learned there is certainly no shame in asking for help. So, if you’re the praying type, I ask for your prayers for a smooth transition for my family in the weeks to come.

Pray for my mama heart as I walk out the door to go to work each morning and pray for patience and grace for daddy, as being a stay at home parent is not always rainbows and puppies.

Pray that we find the funds and the drive for each of our dreams and business plans to come to fruition.

Finally, pray that our sweet Neeson continue to thrive. He is the absolute light of our lives.

Cheers to new beginnings, everyone! Good things are ahead.mccann_2015_tessaj_35

photo by the lovely Tessa J.

February 11, 2016 - 4:27 am

Lois Alverson - After reading your latest blog, I am so proud of all of you. Just hoping all works out with your new lifestyle. Dave will be the lucky one taking care of Neeson. And you, Shanna, will do an excellent job at your new venture. Sounds very exciting. Love the picture of the three of you. Wish I could hug the little guy. All our love and best wishes.

little one || an October Sunday

We spent an unseasonably hot Sunday attending our new church (which we’re really loving!), lunching with great friends, strolling through the last downtown market of the season, and working on our somewhat spur of the moment kitchen remodel (more on that SOON!). It was a perfect day!

Neeson was SO excited about it that he only took ONE decent nap all day, which meant he tossed around, grunting like a tiny pterodactyl (definitely had to look up how to spell that one) all night. Hellloooo Monday. Here’s hoping today is a day of better naps and a finished kitchen.:)

little one || four months of neeson

We are well into month FIVE over here, but I forgot to post month FOUR. Dangit! Just pretend it’s August 22nd while you’re reading this. THANKS!

Four months was FUN. Let me tell ya – I have never laughed so hard so regularly. This kid is hilarious! He’s started doing this suuuuper high pitched squeal whenever he’s in a playful mood – which is like, almost always. He’s such a little ham. I don’t know where he got that, honestly. “All eyes must be on me at all times, everyone. Thanks!” – Neeson.

He is very quickly becoming his own person and learning (and letting us know!) what he likes and absolutely does NOT like. Believe it or not, there are some things this wild child hates. For example:

  1. Getting too warm. Is Neeson fussing? Better take his clothes off. Did Neeson wake up from his nap screaming? Better sit him directly in front of the AC. Is it anything over 70 degrees in the house? Better turn it down so Neeson doesn’t get upset. Seriously. Such a dictator.
  2. Not being looked at.
  3. Trying to be fed when he is NOT hungry. He’s definitely nothing like me there. I eat all the time, hungry or not.
  4. 8:15am-9:30am. We like to call these 75 minutes the “morning crabbies.” If you don’t get him down for his first nap in this sweet spot of time, you’re screwed for the rest of the day. No nap Neeson is no no fun.
  5. The dreaded car seat. AKA baby torture device. He only likes it lately if he has at least 4 toys in his lap and another at his feet to kick. Sometimes that doesn’t even help. Boo.:(

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

beautiful life || oh hey

Oofta. This is embarrassing. Lately it seems like there are only about 10 hours in a day and 4 days in a week. Or something along those lines. Time is flying by SO dang quickly I sometimes feel like I can’t keep up.

Neeson is growing like a weed. It wasn’t always that way. The little nugget lived in his newborn clothes for mooooonths until FINALLY a couple weeks ago we woke up one morning and he was too long for EVERYTHING. So, we got out the 6 month stuff and haven’t looked back! He’s the sweetest thing. Seriously.

Our house is getting so cool! We’ve been lucking out BIG TIME with Craigslist lately and have scored some awesome pieces for practically nothing. YES. Free desk? Music to this gal’s ears. $5 dresser? Okay, fine. You talked me into it.

We’ve also been working on remodeling our garage into something really cool. I’ve got something pretty darn special in the works and the garage remodel is only a small part of it. I think dreamin’ up all the plans and details for what’s next have been where most of my time and energy have been going. You know – all the extra time and energy I have left over after mom-ing… or rather, that I can squeeze around mom-ing (and two part time jobs – oof), because let’s be honest, being a mom isn’t something you can clock in and out of. Can I get an AMEN?

So, that’s that. We’ve been BUSY. Maybe I’ll see ya again in another 4 months. Just kidding. My blogging is a big part of the gig I’ve been scheming, so I’d better step it back up. Don’t give up on me just yet, mmk? It’s only gonna get better. I’m sure of it!

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Photo Sep 28, 6 45 25 PM

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October 1, 2015 - 2:36 am

Kim McKenna - Thanks for sharing Shanna. Can’t wait to see what you’ve dreamed up in the garage! Hopefully, it’s something to do with teaching people like me to decorate like YOU! Love that little man, Neeson, too. What a doll.

little one || family of three

No one could’ve warned me how incredible being a mom is. Sure, you hear it all the time  – “it’s the best job in the entire world!” All I could think was, “okay yeah, but all other jobs allow you to go home at the end of the day; other jobs give you mandatory breaks; other jobs paaaayyy you.”

I had no idea.

The truth is, our home, with my family, is my favorite place to be; Dave (can we just talk for a short second about how sexy it  is when your husband becomes a daddy? All the heart eyes.) happily provides me with any break I may need; and I wouldn’t trade the time I get with Neeson just being his mama for all the money in the world.

Motherhood is better than anything, and my little family of three is more than I ever could’ve asked for.:)


photo love: Brianne Nichole Photography

August 5, 2015 - 10:59 pm

Gramma Lois - What adorable pictures. Little Neeson is changing so much. Love his adorable smile.